90-year-old twins die within hours of each other on Christmas Day

90-Year-Old Twin Sisters Die on Christmas Day
90-Year-Old Twin Sisters Die on Christmas Day

After 90 years at each others side through thick and thin, twin sisters from the Metro East died on the same day. Both passed away on Christmas Day, MyFox2 reports.

Family members say the twin sisters depended on each other and stayed in the same home until their deaths. 90 -year-old Martha Dixon of Granite City was a home maker. Her twin sister Mary Dickson was employed by Famous-Barr in the credit department for 18 year prior to her retirement.

The sisters were born September 26th, 1924 in Bear Springs Tennessee . "The twins had a special bond like no other. They fought like sisters, but loved each other like sisters," said their granddaughter Amy Deconcni. " They both died Christmas morning 2 hours and 15 minutes apart, said Mary's daughter Diana Hargis.

The twins married brothers. One of the brothers had to change the spelling of his last name so he could re-enlist in the military. Mary was preceded in death by her husband Thomas E. Dickson and Martha was preceded in death by her husband William Dixon .

Family member say Mary died in her home as the Christmas song "Santa Baby" was playing.

"She kept asking, 'will Santa bring her a man for Christmas' and he did he took her home to my dad ," said Diana.

The family says although they died on Christmas , it sends a powerful message. That the twins started their story together and they wanted to end their story together. "For twins to go out on the same day two hours apart it's like one had to take the steps to pass and help then other get through that. Having them together was peaceful but broken hearted at the same time,"said Amy.

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