Mystery tipper leaves $11,000 on bar tabs

Mystery Tippers Leave $11K on Bar Tabs
Mystery Tippers Leave $11K on Bar Tabs

Take a look at this picture. Two receipts, both for the same person. One was for $331.40, the other for $89.89. Now, look at those tip totals; The two tabs left a total of $11,000 in tips. Combined, that's about a 2,600 percent tip. Yowza.

The receipts say these generous tip amounts come from Tips for Jesus, although it's not clear who exactly was behind it. In this case, a man and a woman were together when they signed the checks.

The combined $11,000 tip is one of the biggest left by Tips for Jesus to date. Newsy spoke to Clint Spotleson, a bartender at Crudo in Phoenix and the lucky recipient behind the tips. When he heard the tip amount, he said: "I was like, dropped everything I had and just froze for second. ... I had a bottle in my hand when he said it. It was a quick slip, but I caught it. ... The owner just kind of gave me this look like, 'Oh my gosh, wow!'"

Spotleson split the tips among the other bartender on duty and the kitchen staff. He went home with a grand total of $4,000 and has already paid it forward.

"I stopped by our little watering hole. The tab was like 40 bucks, and those guys work hard ... so I just threw down a $100 bill and walked out," he says.

Tips for Jesus has left other generous tips in the thousands of dollars range, too. They're typically in the New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles areas.

Rumor has it it's former PayPal Vice President Jack Selby behind the tips, but it still hasn't been confirmed. We did get Spotleson to describe the mysterious tipper, though.

"He's a man ... He's in an age group where he's not old and rackety, but he's definitely got the ability to spend that kind of money," Spotleson says.

That fits the bill, although we don't know who the mystery lady was with the man. Selby is married, though. Could have been his wife? Everyone loves a good mystery, and Spotleson isn't going to ruin the fun.

Selby's net worth is reportedly $50 million.

Spotleson plans to spend his dough as a down payment for a new car.

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