University reveals annual list of 'banned' words

University Banned Word List Includes 'Bae,' 'Cra-Cra'
University Banned Word List Includes 'Bae,' 'Cra-Cra'

You know how every year the dictionary adds a bunch of new, trendy words that were popular that year?

Well, this is kind of the opposite. Northern Michigan's Lake Superior State University is moving to ban many of those words you might have heard a little too often in the past twelve months.

The list includes words like bae, hack, swag, cra-cra, curated, enhanced interrogation, takeaway, skill set -- even foodie.

"Foodie? What's wrong with foodie?" HLN's Robin Meade wondered.

LSSU compiled the list through nominations on its website and targets "pet peeves" from everyday speech, news and technology, among other categories.

It's obviously not binding -- just more of a suggestion -- and it's not new, either.

Dubbed the 'List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-use, and General Uselessness,' it was actually created 40 years ago by a university public relations director at a 1975 New Year's Party.

In total, the nearly 40-year-old list includes more than 800 words.

Also making the list this year was the word 'nation' affixed to any sports team. You know, something like "Yankee nation" or "Red Sox nation -- and "polar vortex."

We're guessing that's a term most of you wouldn't want to hear right now anyway.

Check out this year's list here.

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