'Tattoo Nightmares:' Miami Heat fan gets his awful ink fixed

'Tattoo Nightmares:' Miami Heat Fan Gets His Awful Ink Fixed
'Tattoo Nightmares:' Miami Heat Fan Gets His Awful Ink Fixed

On Monday night's episode of "Tattoo Nightmares," a Miami Heat fan got a much needed opportunity to fix an ugly tattoo he got in the name of his favorite NBA team.

"Let me see it. Let's see what you're talking about. Oh, my god! Are you sure you weren't locked up?" said Big Gus on "Tattoo Nightmares."

"Positive," replied Phil.

"'I Love Black Mamba?' Is that your lover's nickname?" said Big Gus.

Yes, poor Phil here got "I love Black Mamba" inked right below his bellybutton after he lost a bet with a tattoo artist friend of his.

Here's the deal. If the Heat managed to win the NBA title before his friend's favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers did, Phil had to get a tattoo of one of the Laker's player's names.

But before Phil could say "turn up the Heat," L.A. won the title that year, so Phil had to get "Black Mamba" - the nickname of Lakers great Kobe Bryant - inked on his belly.

But thankfully, tattoo artist Big Gus was able to turn Phil's "Black Mamba" mess into this beautiful black widow spider.

Phil decided to go with a spider to help him get over his fear of the creepy crawlies. We probably would have opted for a couple of therapy sessions, but this works too.

Phil was ecstatic with his new ink, especially because Gus managed to incorporate the Heat's colors too.

And fans on Twitter couldn't stop raving about how well Gus managed to hide Phil's once hideous tattoo.

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