Man prematurely celebrates 'Price is Right' win

The Price Was Right But The Contestant Was Wrong
The Price Was Right But The Contestant Was Wrong

The price is right, but one contestant was not.

On Tuesday, contestant Adam overbid by $50, and as anyone who knows the rules can tell you -- if you're over, it's over.

Either he forgot what he bid, or he was playing by his own rules, because when the winning bid was announced, he went crazy. That is, until he realized and slowly took a walk-of-shame back to his podium.

Don't feel too bad for him though. Adam eventually triumphed in a later round and won a $45 toaster -- and at least his guess made sense. Contestant Melissa's guess had us scratching our heads.

In a game where you can't be over, she purposely guessed one number lower than the contestant before her, making it impossible to win -- unless her guess was spot on.

Even host Drew Carey couldn't make sense of it.

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