Elder Scrolls Online Column: A Look Back at 2014

Seriously, it's the end of the year already? This year has flown by! It feels like it was just a couple of days ago I was helping to slay the werewolves of Camlorn and when it fact it was roughly 270 days ago. Time really flies when you're enjoying every moment of it. Well almost every moment of it, waiting in the LFG queue is never an enjoyable experience. Within these 38 weeks since the game released, so much has changed and improved. In this week's article we're going to take a quick look at everything that Zenimax has implemented to the game.

The game released on April 4th 2014 for early access players with the expectation that they would be releasing content patches as fast as every four to six weeks. While that is a pretty audacious goal that not many developers would take on, Zenimax started out on the right foot.

Update 1
The first major content patch was Update 1, Patch 1.1.2. This update was released on the 6th week after release, and it wasn't anything to call small, especially for a first patch. This update included an entirely new zone called Craglorn, two timed trials (the ESO equivalent to raids) and a much needed recap system that allowed you to see what you were getting hit with when you died. There were also some combat, animation, and class balancing done, but this happens is almost every update. While this update may appear too small, trust me, it's not. Along with Craglorn, there came plenty of quests and new dungeons to explore. This update was designed more for the group aspect game play. While you could of course adventure through Craglorn solo if you chose to do so, it would just be a lot more difficult.

Update 2
This update was released on June 26th, 2014, a mere five weeks after update 1. This update wasn't as large as Update 1 in terms of content itself, but it did offer us a lot of new stuff to do. This patch implemented a new Veteran Rank dungeon, Crypt of Hearts. Along with the dungeon we also got a new storyline to go along with it. Role players received a field of view slider for the first person view allowing them to see a lot more of their surroundings. One of my favorite additions was the implementation of more interact able items. Some people may consider this a small thing, and it really is, but it changes how we immerse ourselves. The more active and real the game feels the more immersive it will be.

Update 3
This one was I think one of the most anticipated ones up to this point. It had many of the community requested changes within the game. On August 4th, Update 3 went live, five weeks after update 2. That's it, five weeks and we get a pretty massive update. While update 3 didn't have any direct PvE or PvP content, it did change a lot of features within the game to make them a lot more user friendly and customizable. Zenimax implemented the Dye system allowing players to create unique color combinations on their armor sets allowing them to be more personalized. Along with the character customization they implemented a plethora of Guild changes, custom ranks, custom permissions, guild tabards, guild traders, and the ability to store guild gold within the guild bank.

While a lot of these new features are extremely common in most mmos, and honestly should have been included at launch, it was still an awesome patch. Giving the players more freedom to run the guilds how they want, allowing the community to sell their items on the guild traders opened up a large market place for players who just want to make some easy gold.

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