Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend with gift he never expected

Woman Uses Christmas to Take Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend
Woman Uses Christmas to Take Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend

One inventive woman decided that she could do a lot better than coal for her naughty, cheating boyfriend. Rather than confront him about his philandering, she printed out his conversations. (Further proof that paper covers rock.)

Meet Cassy and her boyfriend. We only know him by his Twitter handle, @Bugatti_Boii__. (She goes by @NessLovnTrey24.) They look happy, but @Bugatti_Boii__'s messages tell a different story. It turns out there are a lot of scandalous direct messages on Twitter between Cassy's boyfriend and another woman.

So, with Christmas around the corner, Cassy had a dillema: What do you get the boyfriend who has everything -- including another girlfriend?

Cassy hacked into her boyfriend's Twitter account, printed out the pages and pages of messages, wrapped them up in a bow ... and handed it to him on Christmas.

Cassy documented the entire thing with blurry photos she posted to social media saying, "Don' f****** cheat on me I find out everything." Her ex-boyfriend took the public humiliation in stride, writing, "could've mention(ed) me I would've gladly re-tweeted it."

While some people think Cassy went too far with the snooping and theatrics, others are praising her move. The Cut even goes so far as to call her a "hero," a title jilted guys and gals everywhere may agree with.

Oh, but then there is our favorite reaction from the person who pointed out something we can all agree on -- Cassy's color printer sure is good.

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