Terrified passenger films flames shooting out of plane before emergency landing

Passengers 'Terrified' After Plane Bound for Manchester Catches Fire in Mid-Air

MANCHESTER, N.H. - A flight to Manchester returned to Philadelphia International Airport on Monday after reporting an engine issue.
Raw Video: Flames shoot out during flight to Manchester

On his way back to New Hampshire to visit his family for New Year's, John Vien recorded flames shooting past his side of the plane.

He said the mood inside the plane's cabin went from tense to panicked.

Terrified passenger films flames shooting out of plane before emergency landing
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Terrified passenger films flames shooting out of plane before emergency landing

"I thought I was going to die, and I was like, 'I'm going to take this video just to be my this is what happened guys,' basically," he said. "It was constant – just bang, flames, bang, flames. The whole plane was just shaking. It turned into hysteria, people crying. We thought it was the end of our lives."

"I was sitting right over the wing, and all of the sudden I started seeing the flames come out," said Michael Hill, a passenger. "I texted my wife and told her I loved her."

The pilot turned the plane around and made a safe landing back in Philadelphia, where crews examined the engine that failed. Republic Airlines Flight 5927 landed safely, and all 75 passengers and four crew members were not injured.

Video showed flames shooting out of the plane during the U.S. Airways Express flight.

"There was a loud noise and it was really shaking, and they kept trying to turn it on and it was just failing repeatedly," said Thomas Daneault, a passenger.

"It was a loud noise, and it kind of shook the plane and it happened every couple seconds. And we looked out and we didn't know if it was the flaps going up and down, and the plane was jerking back and forth," said Kim Daneault, a passenger.

Passengers said there were some tense moments.

"The worst part was when they kept trying to restart the engine. They kept trying to do the same thing over again, and the plane kept shaking, and that was the worst part because no one knew what was going on at that point," said Nate Daneault, a passenger.

Passengers said there was cheering and applause when the plane landed back in Philadelphia.

"I was terrified. It's not normal and it didn't seem like it should be happening," said Elsa Head, a passenger.

"When we got on the ground, people applauded. People were crying. It was like we were given new life. I was convinced we were going to die in the air until we hit the ground," Vien said.

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