Toddler accidentally shoots mother dead inside Idaho Wal-Mart

Woman Shot in Walmart by Toddler Who Found Gun in Her Purse
Woman Shot in Walmart by Toddler Who Found Gun in Her Purse


A woman is dead after her two-year-old child accidentally shot her inside an Idaho Wal-Mart.

The young boy fatally shot the 29-year-old woman Tuesday morning at the store, in Hayden, law enforcement sources confirmed to KREM. The incident occurred about 40 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington.

The tot was left alone in a shopping cart when he reached into the woman's purse and discharged the weapon, cops said. Neither the woman nor the child have been identified.

"It appears to be a pretty tragic accident," said Kootenai County sheriff's spokesman Stu Miller.

Three other children were shopping with the pair at the time of the incident, which happened in the electronics section at the back of the store, police said.

The female victim had a concealed carry permit, authorities said. It is not clear what kind of handgun she was packing when the incident occurred.

The store was initially evacuated as police streamed into the shopping center, according to KHQ. It was soon closed to shoppers but is expected to reopen as early as Wednesday.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson said in a statement that the retail giant is working with local law enforcement during the investigation.

Pictures from the scene show the parking lot nearly empty as investigators piece together the chain of events that led to the child fatally shooting the woman.

The family is believed by police to have been from out of town and was visiting for the holidays.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this story.