'Restaurant Impossible' reveals its worst blowup ever

'Restaurant Impossible' Reveals Its Worst Blow Up Ever
'Restaurant Impossible' Reveals Its Worst Blow Up Ever

On "Restaurant Impossible" Chef and host Robert Irvine revealed the show's worst blowout ever.

It's MaMa E's Wings & Waffles in Oklahoma City. Irvine said it had "more arguments, more crying, more walk offs, more hatred, than any show [he's] ever done."

Irvine laid into owners Keith and Stephanie Patterson and couldn't believe how bad the restaurant looked, even bringing their marital issues into it.

"This is the worst restaurant I've ever seen in my life ... give me a minute because I have to calm down, this is ridiculous," Irvine had said to them.

"Yeah, I have problems, but I worked to keep this thing alive," Keith argued.

Interestingly, the restaurant had been showcased as a success by Guy Fieri on another Food Network show, "Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives."

After appearing on the show, NewsOK reports the couple chose to open up a second restaurant in 2010 -- but Food Network Gossip says that was probably a bad idea. It's the opening of that second location that led to the restaurant's appearance on "Restaurant Impossible."

The outlet reports Mama E's is getting good reviews overall, but its odds of success are kind of a coin flip. Turns out, only about half of the total 113 restaurants showcased remain open.

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