Report: Braxton Miller interested in transferring to Florida State

Urban Meyer Vs. Nick Saban
Urban Meyer Vs. Nick Saban

It's been no secret lately that Braxton Miller's interest in transferring out of Ohio State is certainly growing, especially with the realization that J.T. Barrett may just slide back into his starting role next spring. We've heard a few potential destinations for the perennial Heisman hopeful, but on Tuesday, some news broke that could really shake up the college football landscape.

According to a report from Tom D'Angelo of the Palm Beach Post, Miller is not only willing to transfer out of Columbus, but he is interested in immediately competing for the national title with the Florida State Seminoles.

To add a little further to this news of Miller potentially taking over for Jameis Winston, the interest on the side of Florida State is apparently mutual.

Having recently received his undergraduate degree in Columbus, he can indeed step right on the field for Jimbo Fisher and company next season, should everything here fall through.

Truly, this would make the college football landscape very interesting next season.

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