Man makes star-studded proposal video in four years

Man Makes Star-Studded Proposal Video
Man Makes Star-Studded Proposal Video

It's the type of wedding proposal you just can't say no toL A UK man spent more than four years creating a star-studded proposal video for his long-time girlfriend, and it seems to have paid off.

Over the past few years session drummer Jim Macaulay has asked musicians and celebrities he's worked with or met to take part in what would become a five minute long proposal video for his girlfriend, Sophie.

Notable celebrities who took part in Jim's proposal video include Cee Lo Green, members of Belle & Sebastian, UK "X-Factor" host Dermot O'Leary, producer Niles Rodgers, musicians Martine McCutcheon and Ronan Keating, and singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Jim told the Daily Mail, "I deliberately asked people who I knew Sophie was a fan of. She loves Ed Sheeran so I was really pleased he was so willing to help out. [...] It took four years because you can't just go up to people and ask them, you have to meet them and establish that you aren't an idiot."

If four years seems like a long time to work on a proposal video, keep in mind the couple dated for more than twelve years.

During a dinner party last week Jim finally presented the video to Sophie. She said yes. She said it was worth the wait.

Watch the full proposal video below:

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