LeBron James could leave Cleveland once again

LeBron James could leave Cleveland once again

The NBA. It's fantastic. So fantastic that a great love reunion just two months ago between LeBron James and the city of Cleveland may already be on the rocks. Nothing has been decided but to even be thinking about leaving Cleveland again, James should wonder why did come back to begin with?

Normally an 18-12 team is talking more about the successes it is having rather that what isn't going right. This isn't a normal NBA team though. The Cleveland Cavaliers have LeBron James, who bolted for the Miami Heat four years ago only to come back and fall in love with Cleveland again. He even made a commercial with the people of Cleveland to show the world he was back.

Now, per bleacherreport.com, he may leave again if he feels like it is the right business decision to make. Say what? Say it ain't so? It could be that James is not happy with his relationship with David Blatt. I put some of the blame on James on that one though. He chose to re-join the Cavs without meeting Blatt first. I always thought that was a red flag. Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein of ESPN interviewed James and he had some things to say.

"I think my relationship with the coach continues to get better and better every day. This is two months of us being together. I don't know him fully. He doesn't know me fully. He doesn't know any of the guys fully and that's to be expected. It's our first year together. But he has our attention."

He doesn't know any of the guys fully. Let's break that down. Yeah, I just did. James made a mistake not meeting with him before making his decision. The majority of the blame of him not knowing Blatt is on him. The rest of the players, who knows where the disconnect is?

I can't imagine James leaving the Cavs again after just one season. Even he said they may not win it all in his first season back. He was publicly giving off realistic statements but it sounds like he privately expects a whole lot more and now. He does have the clause to opt-out of his contract after this season. I just can't see him bolting Cleveland, again, so quickly.

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