Father and son turned away after buying fake football tickets

Father and Son Turned Away After Buying Fake Football Tickets
Father and Son Turned Away After Buying Fake Football Tickets

College student Cody Hadden wanted to be here on December 21st -- the Seahawks-Cardinals game.

"It might be better to go through a verified website rather than Craigslist," Hadden said.

Hadden gives that advice because this Christmas, he bought these tickets for himself and his dad on Craigslist ... and it turns out they were fake.

"With technologies really coming to a point where these forgeries are becoming more and more like the real tickets," Hadden added.

When Hadden and his dad were turned away, he tried tracking down the man who sold him the tickets, but KNXV discovered the phone number he'd used had been disconnected. Hadden paid $350 for the fake stubs and says he's just out the money.

It's common enough that local outlets are warning fans to beware of fake playoff tickets -- and buyers are being urged to go through licensed ticket resellers who can verify the authenticity of the ticket.

As for Hadden -- presuming he was a Cardinals fan, since he's a native of the Phoenix area -- he probably wouldn't have wanted to see that game anyway. The Seahawks won 35-6.

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