Devastated dog waits outside gate for his brother's return

Devastated Dog Waits Outside Gate For His Missing Brother's Return
Devastated Dog Waits Outside Gate For His Missing Brother's Return

A woman in Briton Ferry, Wales is desperately hoping her lost dog, Hansum, will return home, but she isn't the only who feels that way. Hansum's brother Harry is also devastated by the disappearance and is letting his emotions show. Harry has spent recent months sitting outside the gate in front of his home, seemingly waiting for Hansum's return.

In May, the dogs' owner, Julie Evans, took them both for a walk near a local mountain and let the pooches off their leashes. Harry eventually returned to Evans, but Hanson didn't and the searches that followed turned up nothing.

Evans remarked, "I just hope he's being treated well. It's possible he's been stolen or maybe taken in by someone who doesn't know he's being missed." Evans has set up a Facebook page dedicated to finding Hansum. She's even offering a monetary reward for tips leading to his whereabouts.

Despite the uncertainly of what happened to him, Evans said she knows in her heart Hansum is still alive. She also vows never to give up on searching for him.

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