A Philippines restroom that has to be seen to be believed

A Philippines Restroom That Has to Be Seen to Be Believed
A Philippines Restroom That Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

While traveling through Bohol, in the Philippines, model and TV personality Jason Godfrey was gobsmacked by a ... bathroom?

The restroom, located at a nondescript Shell gas station in the area, was decorated in such an elaborate fashion that Godfrey knew it had to be recorded to be believed. His video highlights the facility's high-class artwork and furnishings, and it quickly racked up over 1 million views.

"It's too ridiculous -- I never make videos and post them -- but I had to make a video, and it's about a toilet. Look at it! And I can't capture the smell, but it's super menthol in here. This toilet is better than my room. It's better than my entire apartment, actually. If you don't believe me, there's a toilet right here. If you're looking to use a toilet somewhere, try to find this Shell station. Crazy," he said in the video.

Heck, at most gas stations, being able to get in and out without barfing is a luxury.

With glossy wood shelves, an elegant white sink and urinal, framed photos and some decorative shells (hey, wait are those ... books?!), this restroom is epic.

Perhaps the mini-mart has a Michelin star?

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