'Undercover Boss:' Bikinis CEO promises employee a boob job

'Undercover Boss:' Bikinis CEO Promises Employee a Boob Job
'Undercover Boss:' Bikinis CEO Promises Employee a Boob Job

Sunday night's episode of CBS's "Undercover Boss" saw the CEO and founder of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill don a disguise to go undercover and make sure his "breast-aurants" were running smoothly.

Doug Guller posed as Jake, a fake reality show contestant, to check up on four of his employees - Jessica, Henry, Grace and Meagan. He wasn't very happy with two of them.

"That's just unacceptable here," said Doug Guller on "Undercover Boss."

While Guller worked alongside Jessica, she refused to wear the restaurant's bikini uniform, over-served a particularly intoxicated customer and openly admitted to searching for another job.

Grace spent a lot of her server shift on her phone, which helps explain why she's been fired multiple times since she started at Bikinis in 2011.

But Guller loved kitchen supervisor Henry's commitment and passion for his work, and Meagan's positive attitude and social media recruiting efforts really impressed the boss man.

All four employees had one thing in common, though - they were absolutely shocked when Guller revealed himself. Then, he told them how he planned to repay them for their work ... and some were happier than others.

The reaction on Twitter wasn't pretty:

Guller immediately fired Jessica for the "disappointing experience" he had with her. "I'm so mad right now," Jessica said as she held back tears.

But he was more, um, sympathetic with Grace ... if you can call it that. He offered to pay for her boob job if she can be the best bikini babe for six months.

"I'm gonna have big boobies, this just makes my job so much easier," said Grace.

As for Henry, Guller gave him a 30 percent raise and $10,000 to use for a vacation with his family so he can make up for the massive hours he spends on the job.

He gifted Meagan with a consulting position at their corporate office and $10,000 to move into a new home with her daughter, who has been dealing with multiple medical issues.

"Are you, oh my goodness! Thank you so much," said Meagan.

Fans on Twitter weren't too happy with Guller's episode, with some even saying they were shocked that he fired Jessica and ashamed that he rewarded Grace with a boob job. Several media outlets agreed, calling Guller a "D-bag" and "inappropriate."

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