The Dilly Dally

The Dilly Dally

By Grilled Cheese Social

You need to know this grilled cheese because it's totally absurd and inexplicably delicious. Fresh Ricotta andHumboldt Fog (from Whole Foods), some super thin prosciutto slices, cherry preserves, a fried duck egg - yeah that's right - and some fresh arugula piled on sourdough create this sandwich that is totally unforgettable.


  • fresh ricotta cheese

  • Humboldt Fog

  • super thin prosciutto

  • cherry preserves

  • fried duck egg

  • arugula

  • sourdough bread

  • salted butter


  1. So to begin, crumble up some of that Humboldt Fog. This cheese is awesome and is one of my all time favorites - and it's not just because of where it comes from. It's got the flavor profile of a typical chevre but it also has a layer of ash that makes the flavor more intense. It's lemon-y, floral-y, and majorly creamy. The outer layer has a gooey consistency that contrasts perfectly to its more chalky center. If you can't tell, I just love it.

  2. Now add a little bit of proscuitto! It's salty, smokey, and melts in your mouth. The thinner you have your butcher slice it, the better. Seriously, there's nothing grosser than a big ole slice of proscuitto... With that little tidbit, make sure you don't add too much proscuitto. It'll just destroy the sandwich. I'd say use like 4 slices at most.

  3. Now smear the fresh ricotta onto the remaining piece of bread and put it on top. The sandwich just needs to be grilled at this point.

  4. Butter both sides, and turn your burner to medium. Let the sandwich grill until the cheese starts to melt and then flip - making sure that both sides are equally crispy and golden. Then remove it from the pan and let it chill.

  5. While the sandwich is sitting, quickly fry up your duck egg! I used a duck egg because... why not? Duck eggs are ultra creamy, a little bigger, and super rich. It's like a regular old chicken egg but with butter pumped into it... at least to my taste buds.

  6. When the egg white is cooked and the yolk is still runny, gently take the top piece of bread off the grilled cheese and place the duck egg on your sandwich - then top with fresh arugula. The peppery bite from these greens will make the sandwich have an added depth of flavor. So now all the flavors are there - salty, creamy, peppery, sweet, sour, rich, delicious, irresistible, umami-esque... you get it.

  7. Now that everything's on, go ahead and add the other piece of bread back on top and cut it in half! Watch as the egg yolk runs down the sandwich and coats it in it's buttery goodness. Oh my god, can you believe what you're about to eat? YAH! High fives!

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