The best and worst game show moments

Best Game Show Moments Of 2014
Best Game Show Moments Of 2014

Fans of "Wheel Of Fortune" are probably already familiar with Pat Sajak's mini meltdown back in November when two contestants made similar (and totally insane) guesses, but game shows have been packed with some other really great -- and really embarrassing -- moments.

Remember the guy who pronouncing 'Achilles' wrong? How about the infamous 'worst guess' in "Wheel" history -- we're looking at you, guy who guessed 'Surf Clay Where We Go.' The correct answer was 'Surf City, Here We Come,' by the way.

Oh, and then there was the audience member on "Wheel" who pulled off what may be the weirdest wave we've ever seen -- even Pat couldn't help but comment on this:

Of course people didn't just screw up this year -- some also won big. One guy on "Wheel" managed to guess 'The Lone Ranger' with just one 'E' on the board. What?! We still have no clue how he pulled that one off, unless Vanna White slipped him the answer beforehand.

"Wheel" wasn't the only show with ridiculous moments. "Jeopardy!" saw tons of characters, like the man who wrote "Who Is This Handsome Gentleman." He may have lost the game, but he won social media. The next day, that handsome gentleman went super viral.

Which wild moment was your favorite? Buy a vowel and then share your thoughts in the comments section.

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