Santa Claus caught on camera by unsure boy on Christmas

Boy's Faith Restored When Santa Caught on Camera
Boy's Faith Restored When Santa Caught on Camera

Some kids don't believe in Santa Claus, but one boy decided to get proof of Kris Kringle's existence.
Evan set up a camera in the living room in order to catch a glimpse of Santa.

Evan's uncle, Dean, wanted to make sure his nephew kept his warm Christmas spirit, and in the process, Dean gave him. a treasured Christmas memory. When Evan awoke Christmas morning, he was shocked to see what he recorded. At first, Evan was worried that Santa may not show, but soon, he heard the reindeer on the roof, and sure enough, Santa himself eventually appeared on the screen. The video's magical sounds and special effects helped Evan be sure of Santa, and it will be a Christmas he'll never forget.

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