Postal worker returns boy's missing wallet, adds money to it

Postal Worker Returns Boy's Missing Wallet, Adds Money to It
Postal Worker Returns Boy's Missing Wallet, Adds Money to It

Back in November, a 10-year-old boy in the Boulder, Colorado, area overheard two men arguing about a wallet in a grocery store parking lot. He just had no idea they were talking about his wallet.

Aiden Lathrop didn't realize his wallet was missing until after he got home. It had fallen out of the car while he was at the grocery store.

He was sure he'd never see it again until he got called to the office at school a few days later.

"I thought I was in trouble," Aiden says.

"He calls me; I'm at work. And he gets home and says, 'Mom, I have the best news ever,'" Aiden's mom, Kassia Lathrop, says.

A postal worker named Patricia Brown found the wallet in a collection can, dropped it off for Aiden and added an extra $25 to it to boot. Postal workers can be a heroic bunch, as she's not the first to find a missing wallet and return it to its rightful owner.

In March, a New Jersey postal worker discovered a wallet containing $4,800 in cash on the sidewalk while working his route. He was able to find the owner, who was a retired pastor.

If you ever find a lost wallet or ID, Lifehacker knows just what you should do: Drop it in a mailbox. The post office will try to deliver it to its rightful owner.

Back in 1996, The New York Times reported about 100 to 200 wallets were sent to a post office's distribution and processing center in the city each week.

Aiden and his mom ended up visiting Brown at the post office to thank her for her generosity.

"She said it was fine because of the holidays -- it's something good to do," Aiden says.

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