Paraplegic bride walks down the aisle, shares moment on 'Say Yes to the Dress'

Paraplegic Bride Walks Down the Aisle
Paraplegic Bride Walks Down the Aisle

Katie Breland Hughes lost the use of both her legs in 2011 when she missed a stop sign and was hit by a truck. The personal trainer was thrown from the vehicle and told Today that she thought at the time that she had either lost her legs or been paralyzed because she couldn't feel her limbs.

During her hospital stay, Hughes was determined to get back on her feet. "I told my sister from the beginning, I will not get married - whoever it be to, or whenever it happens -- I will not do it until I can walk down the aisle," Hughes told Today. "I just won't be in a wheelchair. So that was always a goal."

During her recovery with a Michigan based trainer who specialized with working with paraplegics, Katie reconnected with Odie Hughes, the man she would later go on to marry.

In the nine months it took to plan the wedding, Katie opened a gym, said "Yes to The Dress" on TLC and managed to take her first steps.

On September 20th, Katie walked down the aisle in two leg braces flanked on either side by her father and her trainer Mike Barwis. Katie told Today that she was more nervous than she expected. "I felt like this was everybody's fairytale ending. This was the story they had been following for so long and this was the ending they were waiting to see."

Louisiana photographer Alicia Hartfield was there to capture the incredible moment when Katie walked to her now husband Odie waiting at the end of the aisle. He says he never doubted that his bride would walk.

Katie's episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" airs January 2nd on TLC.

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