How to correctly dispose of a Christmas tree

How To Correctly Dispose Of A Christmas Tree
How To Correctly Dispose Of A Christmas Tree

FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Now that Christmas is over, the holiday decorations are starting to slowly come down.

When you're ready to throw away your real Christmas tree - first, make sure to take off all of the lights, ornaments and tinsel.

"Once those trees get out here we put it through the shredder and we don't want anything to get up in the shredder and jam it up," Mitchell Parker with the Fort Smith Department of Sanitation said.

Parker, a Residential Collection Manager, said all you have to do is leave your tree outside with your regular garbage.

"Just set it out beside your normal trash can and the collection crew will come through to get your yard waste. They grab the Christmas trees also," he said.

We reached out on our 5NEWS Facebook page to see how some of you get rid of your Christmas trees.

We've seen a few creative responses - everything from making wall art out of the branches, to burning the tree on New Year's Eve.

While some have a plan of their own, Parker said there is a wrong way to dispose the tree.

"People throw them on the side of the road or they throw them in the alleyway and we ask that they don't do that," Parker said.

The sanitation department said all the trees they get will be shredded and turned into mulch to sell later. Parker said the department sees hundreds of Christmas trees go through the shredder every year.

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