Cop pulls teen over as part of a heartwarming surprise

Cop Pulls Teen Over As Part Of Heartwarming Surprise
Cop Pulls Teen Over As Part Of Heartwarming Surprise

Usually, getting a ticket from a cop is not pleasant thing, but for one teenage girl in Wisconsin it was an epic and heartwarming surprise. The 17-year-old was pulled over in late November but footage from the event was recently posted online and has rapidly gone viral. Audra Daniloff's father, Marc, set up the whole fictitious traffic stop.

The officer pulled her over and claimed she rolled through a stop sign, but it was just a clever way to give her two tickets, not for a traffic offense, but for a trip to see her favorite band.

Audra, however, had no idea what was going on and she was clearly nervous. When he handed over the plane and concert tickets though, her facial expression changed to complete and utter shock.

The cop then told her the tickets were a gift from her father. A year ago, Audra almost died due to a rare, life-threatening condition known as HLH.

Marc thought the surprise present was much-needed, so he approached Saukville Police Chief to carry out his plan. The chief thought it was a great idea and in the end, so did Audra, who emotionally told the cop he was her favorite after receiving her tickets.