10 most viral TV news moments of 2014

10 Most Viral TV News Moments of 2014

Doing a weather report from the beach sounds like a great idea.

Unfortunately, this one ended up being newsworthy for reasons other than the beautiful scenery. During the airing, a dog wandered on camera and relieved itself in the shallow waters.

Check out nine more viral news moments from 2014:

10 most viral TV news moments of 2014
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10 most viral TV news moments of 2014
Credit: BBC

When being interviewed about the fair, young Noah Ritter took total control, grabbing the microphone and delivering commentary like a pro. He also used the word 'apparently" a lot, which is what earned him his nickname.

Credit: WNEP


News anchors are known for their composure, but when the entire set began to shake, the two at the helm of the Los Angeles station's Morning News took cover under their desk. It was later reported that the quake's magnitude registered at 4.4.

Credit: KTLA

The station's anchor asked the boxer if he really believed that lending his endorsement to shamed Canadian Mayor Rob Ford would be helpful. Tyson's response was a profanity-laden tirade.

Credit: CP24

Two men in Worcester, Massachusetts, walked into the background of a local news report and ended up having their entire alleged drug deal broadcasted live.

Credit: WFXT

Reporter Ricki Vann was on the air telling people about the tough time cars were having in the area's flash floods. Really tall bikes weren't experiencing any troubles, though. Well, the guy riding down the street on one at the time wasn't, anyway.

Credit: WEAR ABC 3

While interviewing Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rubin asked the star if he'd gotten a lot of attention for the Super Bowl commercial he'd done. The problem is that the spot he was referring to featured Laurence Fishburne. Jackson responded, "I'm not Laurence Fishburne. We don't all look alike."

Credit: KTLA

Meteorologist Mike Sobel welcomed Ripple, a 1-year-old Shepherd-Mastiff mix, to join him in delivering the forecast. The dog, however, couldn’t have been less interested in weather, but was fully committed to getting in some playtime.

Credit: Global News Edmonton

This Anchorage, Alaska, reporter quit her job on air. She had just wrapped up a story about the legalization of marijuana when she announced she was going to devote her time to that very cause -- starting immediately.

Credit: KTVA

Working outdoors comes with a unique set of risks, and among them is having a fly dart into your mouth. When exactly such a thing happened to this veteran commentator, he made a few faces and paused for a moment ... but soon forged ahead.

Credit: Sky News


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