1,000 cats rescued in China

1,000 Cats Rescued From Chinese Fur Traffickers
1,000 Cats Rescued From Chinese Fur Traffickers

"101 Dalmatians" may be a fictional cartoon, but in China there's a similarly unsettling story that is stranger than fiction.

More than a thousand cats destined to be sold for their fur and meat have been rescued thanks to the internet. According to Sky News, hundreds of cats stolen by cat traffickers in northeast China were rescued after the cat's owners found each other online and worked with local authorities.

For the past month the suspected traffickers are believed to have been searching Dalian City for cats every night. Eventually their actions caught the attention of pet lovers who voiced their concerns online. Working with the online group, local law enforcement discovered a large cat den and arrested six suspects.

Eating cats in China isn't illegal -- their meat is actually considered a delicacy in some places -- however, stealing cats is a different and very illegal matter.

More than three hundred of the cats have been reunited with their owners.

Sadly, stories like this are more common than you might think. Back in 2008, the Daily Mail published a report exposing a pet fur trade. Apparently dogs and cats across Europe were being killed to make coats, blankets, and boots. One full length coat discovered in Berlin was made from the fur of 42 Alsatian puppies.

Kind of changes the way you look at "101 Dalmatians," doesn't it?

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