Twitter back online following Android app, Tweetdeck, mobile web access issues


Twitter is back online after users experienced multiple issues on both the Android app and Tweetdeck, possibly due to a coordinated hacker infiltration.

Tweeters were locked out of the Android app and mobile web access. Tweeteck also incorrectly displayed the age of tweets.

The issue appears to have started around 7:41 p.m. EST when Android users received a notification they had been logged out of Twitter.

Upon trying to log back in, users were met with failure notifications. Attempts to reset passwords via the mobile app were also unsuccessful.

Users were able to reset their passwords via the website, but could not access the Twitter app.

Tweetdeck users were also seeing new tweets displaying as 364 days old and attempts to view pictures or user profiles by clicking on links from within the app were met with failure notices within desktop web browsers.

Mobile web browser users on Android also reported issues accessing the social network.

Twitter user @KingEboIa appears to be claiming responsibility for the outage, but AOL News has yet to verify the account's involvement.

The account, which makes references to the Anonymous hacker group, sent tweets demanding more followers by Monday morning in order to return Twitter to 100 percent status.

Users on iPhones and iPads did not appear to experience any issues.

A Twitter spokesperson pointed AOL News toward a blog post saying that "engineers are currently working to resolve [the issue]," but declined further comment.

The incident lasted approximately three hours.