Driver escapes from attempted carjacking in heart-stopping video

Driver Escapes from Attempted Carjacking
Driver Escapes from Attempted Carjacking

This man experienced every driver's worst nightmare when he approached his car to find a stranger breaking in and attempting to steal the vehicle. Luckily, he was able to remove the keys from the ignition and barricade himself inside to thwart the attack.

On YouTube, the uploader wrote: "Individual approached my car telling me "Don't try nothin', don't try nothin'" repeatedly before he entered my car. I was able to kill the engine and retreive my key during the struggle. As I dashed to barricade myself back inside, the individual yelled "I'm going to [expletive] kill you!"

The incredibly risky move in this viral video paid off, but getting in a tussle with a would-be criminal is certainly not recommended. According to the U.S. Department of State, "In most carjacking situations, the attackers are interested only in the vehicle. Try to stay calm. Do not stare at the attacker as this may seem aggressive and cause them to harm you."

Charley and Tracy Vega, co-founders of Simple Defense for Women, echoed that sentiment to AutoBlog. "Give them what they want and get as far away as possible," AutoBlog explained.

"They'll tell you whether they are after your car or your purse or you'll know if it's the car if they're trying to yank you out of it," Tracy told the site. "Comply and create distance" between yourself and the perpetrator.

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