State troopers hand out $100 bills

Virginia State Troopers Surprise Drivers With $100 Bills
Virginia State Troopers Surprise Drivers With $100 Bills

In West Virginia state troopers targeted drivers in a special sting which they gave away $100 bills.

First Sgt. M.R. Crowder told the Bluefield Daily Telegraph it was all part of a Secret Santa project funded by an anonymous donor who wanted to give back to the community.

And the officers sweetened the deal with a little something extra.

One driver said, "I went to the Dollar Store to get a jug of milk and I got pulled over ... He came up and asked if I felt lucky today? And I said, 'No, not really.' And he give me a $100 bill and a candy cane."

Drivers were touched by the heartfelt gesture. One woman even got out and hugged the trooper and said the money would pay for her family's Christmas dinner. They gave out a total of $1,000.

Police in Kansas City held their own Secret Santa giveaway last week. They also handed drivers $100 bills but they gave away $100,000 thanks to an anonymous Missouri donor.

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