Scam alert: FedEx warns of fake package emails during the holidays

FedEx Warns Of Fake Package Emails During The Holidays
FedEx Warns Of Fake Package Emails During The Holidays

SACRAMENTO - It's the time of year when a lot of people expect to get deliveries from FedEx but just because it's got the carrier label on it, doesn't mean it's a gift.

The email includes a link to what appears to be for a shipping label, but victims who click get a frozen computer and a message to fork over hundreds of dollars to fix it.

"The first thing I did was call (FedEx), because if anything looks suspicious, I wouldn't. You have to be pretty street smart to shop online," shopper Alyssa Gutierrez, who got the email, told FOX40.

Some say the real-looking email comes with a phone call and recorded message, making it seem all the more legitimate.

FedEx asks you to let them know if you get these emails.

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