Mother's dramatic weight loss inspired by Christmas tree

Mother's Dramatic Weight Loss Inspired By Christmas Tree
Mother's Dramatic Weight Loss Inspired By Christmas Tree

Samantha Feast accomplished this dramatic weight loss in just one year -- but what sparked the drastic change may surprise you.

The mother of two says she's always had a big appetite, but she didn't realize her physical size until last Christmas when her husband took a photo of her next to their Christmas tree. She says she gasped when she realized she was bigger than her family's tree.

Growing up, she says her family were food lovers and by the time she was 18 things had already gotten out of hand and she continued to gain weight after having children.

After seeing the photo, Samantha decided things needed to change. She signed up for with the Cambridge Diet weight loss plan and took up swimming.

She told the Daily Mail, "At first I missed food terribly and I thought it was going to be impossible ... but I thought of that picture next to the Christmas tree and stuck to the plan. After the first few days, I found it easier not to have to think about food because it was out of the equation."

Last Christmas the mother of two was a size 30 tipping the scale at about 300 pounds. Now, she proudly wears a size 14 and weighs a healthy 140 pounds.

"This will be my first slim Christmas and I can't wait. I used to dread finding a party outfit but now I've had my pick in all the shops ... I was horrified when I saw the picture of me next to the Christmas tree but I'm so glad David took it. It has changed my life. Confidence is the best present I could ask for."

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