How to make a Christmas tree out of wire hangers


How to Make a Christmas Tree Out of Wire Hangers
How to Make a Christmas Tree Out of Wire Hangers

As much as we love the holiday season, we'll be the first to admit that decorating your Christmas tree can be a laborious process.

So, whether you're pressed for time or just feel like trying something new this season, HGTV's Property Brothers are sharing a fun and affordable tip that will have you saying "Happy Holidays!" in seconds.

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Line up a bunch of coat hangers to form the shape of a little tree. Tie each hanger together using pipe cleaner. (You can also a similar product like elastic.)

Wrap your garland around the frame of the tree until it is covered to your liking. Then, do the same with your Christmas lights.

Add a star to the top of your tree. Then, plug in your lights.

It's that easy!

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