Homeless man gets $100 and shocks everyone

Homeless Man Gets $100 and Shocks Everyone
Homeless Man Gets $100 and Shocks Everyone

When you give homeless people money, do you ever wonder how they spend it?

One YouTube star wanted to find out, and the results shocked him!

Lots of people are conflicted about giving money directly to homeless people, so YouTube star Josh Paler Lin decided to do a little experiment.

Josh says he randomly approached Thomas, who was asking for help on the side of the road, and gave him one hundred dollars. The homeless man was very appreciative, welled up with tears, and even hugged his donor. Then, Josh and his hidden cameraman followed Thomas to see how he would spend the money.

They were a little disheartened to see Thomas go right into a liquor store. They couldn't quite see what he bought, so they followed him to a nearby park where he started pulling food out of a bag and handing it out to other people. It turned out that he was paying it forward!

Josh was so touched that he gave the man another hundred dollars and started Crowdfunding to help get Thomas back on his feet. He's already beaten his $10,000 goal, proving that one good turn deserves another.

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