Awkward photos will make you happy you're single

10 Photos That'll Make You Happy You're Single
10 Photos That'll Make You Happy You're Single

No kiss at midnight? No gifts from that special someone? If you need a little post-holiday pick-me-up, check out this hilarious video (and gallery) of the most awkward couple photos ever. They're proof that there is definitely a lid for every pot.

From the duo who seems totally detached from reality to the guy who didn't mind dressing up like a rabbit and the folks who wanted their photo on a glass (huh?!), these pictures remind us that sometimes, it's a good thing that love is blind.

Not feeling better yet? Well then perhaps you still haven't seen the photo that screams, "Love means never having to say 'I'm sorry I made you pose nude for this picture that's now all over the Internet.'"

Speaking of awkward, check out these awkward wedding photos:

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