Woman is 'all shook up' by value of her Elvis Presley cutout

Woman Is All Shook Up by Value of Her Elvis Presley Cutout
Woman Is All Shook Up by Value of Her Elvis Presley Cutout

On "Antiques Roadshow" tribute to the "Boomers" generation, a woman admits she sleeps with a rare Elvis Presley cardboard cutout by her bedside every night. But, judge slowly, because that level of protection paid off well for her.

"At auction, I would estimate it at least $10-15,000," the appraiser told her.

The woman's response? "Oh my god!"

The appraiser then asked her the million-dollar question: "So are you going to keep it by your bed still?"

"Absolutely! You're kidding!"

The woman brought in a very rare 1956 Elvis "Love Me Tender" standee and said she kept a safe guard on it by sleeping next to it at night.

In fact, the appraiser said it's so rare there are only about two or three that still exist because so many of Elvis' frenetic female fanbase ripped them to shreds trying to take home a piece of "The King."

The woman said she stumbled on the rare Elvis cardboard cutout in a friend's attic and they ended up letting her keep it.

Not to mention that the appraiser actually underscored the value, and the woman was clearly all shook up when she found out the cutout is now worth between $18,000 - $20,000.

Elvis auction items are also a pretty hot commodity right now. Back in August, the first ever auction held at Elvis Presley's Graceland home saw the sale of antique checks, letters and rings.

Plus, popular auction website eBay actually has a buying guide strictly devoted to Elvis Presley memorabilia.

We have to say, it's pretty tough to top a life-size cutout of "The King" -- and, if the woman's reaction was any indication, she's probably not parting ways with it anytime soon.

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