Navy SEAL who claims he gunned down Osama bin Laden under investigation by NCIS

Who Shot Bin Laden? US Navy Seals Dispute Over Killing
Who Shot Bin Laden? US Navy Seals Dispute Over Killing


An ex-Navy SEAL who has publicly claimed he shot dead Osama bin Laden is now under investigation for leaking too many secrets about the mission.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (popularly known as NCIS from a CBS show of the same name) is looking into whether Robert O'Neill revealed classified information to unauthorized persons, according to the Daily Beast.

O'Neill, a highly-decorated former member of SEAL Team Six, has been widely criticized for going public, but no criminal investigation was ever previously reported.

It is not clear exactly who NCIS is alleging O'Neill spilled the classified beans to, but the retired commando has given multiple television and print interviews over the past few years, including an anonymous one to Esquire magazine.

Fellow Navy SEAL Matt Bissonette has also claimed he fired the shot that killed the al Qaida founder.

Bisonette even wrote a book, No Easy Day, detailing his role in the May 2, 2011 raid on bin Laden's Abbottabad, Pakistan compound. He too is under investigation.

O'Neill was named on-the-record in interviews with the Washington Post and the Daily Mail (U.K.), the latter which interviewed his father.

The subject of a two-night Fox News special centered on his role in the bin Laden raid, O'Neill now tours the country as a motivational speaker.

Neither the military nor either former soldier has commented.

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