Half-naked ring bearer steals the show at wedding

Half-Naked Ring Bearer Steals the Show at Wedding
Half-Naked Ring Bearer Steals the Show at Wedding

It's the wedding crasher to beat all wedding crashers. Typically, nobody comes in after the bride has walked down the aisle, but what happened at Bobby and Shanna Lockhart's wedding was anything but typical.

"You have the rings? No, you're the best man, Terry," the officiant says.

If you're trying to figure out what you just saw, that was the character "SuperManDrawls," played by musician and entertainer DQ4E. This photo of him by Steve Conway Photography.

He told HLN he and his band started off creating music videos on Instagram. "SuperManDrawls" is one of the many concepts they've come up with:

"Once it was time for me to go down the aisle, I was focused, looking straight ahead trying to make sure that I did not fall. ... The crowd was laughing and trying to take pictures. It was fun."

It was a fitting date for a superhero to crash, as the wedding took place on 12.13.14 -- the last sequential date for 89 years. Why not make it the most memorable date possible?

The move also caught the eye of Comedy Central show Tosh.0, which posted a photo of the moment on its blog.

Shanna and Bobby specifically put in a request for "SuperManDrawls" to show up at their candy-themed wedding. The groom is a big fan. The only people that knew the character was gonna crash the wedding were the bride and groom, the officiant, the photographer and the videographer.

The bride told us via email they requested the "underweared" Superman as a compromise ... so the groom didn't walk down the aisle like that! Oh, marriage.

Shanna and Bobby have known each other since 1996, but didn't start dating until 2012. Bobby proposed in 2013 at a UFC fight, something the bride called "a real knockout."

This was the Superman's first wedding request, although we're expecting he will get many, many more now.

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