Fans struck by lightning in Tampa Bay Buccaneers parking lot


After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were torched by the Green Bay Packers, mother nature struck back in the parking lot of Raymond James Stadium by striking a group of fans with lightning.

Whenever a storm rolls through a city that has an NFL team, the league pays very close attention to the matter as there are usually fan and player lives at stake. Lightning and football do not mix, which is why so often a game is delayed by lightning until it has passed through the area.

On Sunday afternoon in Tampa Bay, there was no lightning delay for the Buccaneers-Packers game, but there was still an incident with lightning after the game in the parking lot.

According to ABC Action News in Tampa, lightning struck a group of up to seven people in the parking lot after the Packers beat the Buccaneers, which resulted in a few injuries and Tampa Fire Rescue needing to be called.

This is the reasons the NFL takes storms and lightning so seriously when they cross paths with their game. This incident happened after the game was already over, but it still occurred within a 90 minute window of the game ending and on NFL property, meaning the league may have to step in and take responsibility for anyone who was seriously hurt by this lightning strike.

It's also the most spark the Buccaneers have shown all season long, it just cam at the wrong place at the wrong time - and in the wrong form.

Lightning Hurts NFL Fans After Tampa Bay Game
Lightning Hurts NFL Fans After Tampa Bay Game

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