Woman transforms her office cubicle into a Christmas cabin

Woman Transforms Her Office Cubicle Into Christmas Cabin
Woman Transforms Her Office Cubicle Into Christmas Cabin

Looking to give her cold, gray cubicle walls some winter warmth, Angela Westfield remodeled her desk with a log cabin facade and snow-topped roof.

Westfield works in the sales department for the W Minneapolis Hotel. With the help of her husband, Alex, she spent 18 hours creating the mini-cabin masterpiece for an office contest, according to WCCO.

"I swore. I literally couldn't believe it," one co-worker said.

"Complete defeat," another said.

Standing 6 feet in height, the cabin is made from dozens of cardboard carpet tubes, cotton balls for fake snow, Christmas lights and stockings.

Commenters on Facebook attached their own office decorations, and many agreed Westfield's cabin needed a screensaver fireplace to go with it.

If you're inspired by this cabin and have an office decorating contest of your own, Pinterest actually has some ideas for you. We're most blown away by the doors.

We'll add that this cabin looks a lot better than having your desk, keyboard, stapler and other office supplies gift-wrapped to perfection à la that classic office prank, which others have carried out in real life. Lots of other people.

You don't have to decorate for a prank, though -- FunnyPracticalJokes.com has plenty of other Christmas prank ideas for your office -- though they won't get you on the 'Nice' list.

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