Woman reunited with lost luggage after twenty years

Woman Reunited With Lost Luggage After 20 Years
Woman Reunited With Lost Luggage After 20 Years

The holidays are a particularly tough time of year for the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. With so many people traveling to see family, there are bound to be delays and bags are bound to get lost.

The agency earned itself some major goodwill this week, at least with one Tucson, Arizona, woman.

She told KVOA: "I was just absolutely blown away."

Earlier this week Maria Dellos received a phone call from the TSA about some lost luggage. At first she thought they were referring to luggage that had gone missing in August.

When she received the bag, she also received a handwritten note with her address from twenty years ago, which helped the TSA track her down.

Dellos had lost that bag nearly two decades ago on her way home from a trade show in Las Vegas. It contained nearly $600 worth of art supplies, which she says are still pretty valuable.

Exactly how and why the TSA connected the dots now is still a mystery. Remarkably, the missing luggage actually predates the TSA itself. The agency wasn't founded until 2001.

According to SITA, an aviation communication company, airlines mishandled 21.8 million bags worldwide last year. Although that might sound like a lot, it's less than half the number mishandled in 2007, a whopping 46.9 million.

As for Dellos, she says those missing bags from August were returned recently as well.

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