Video proof of the Elf on the Shelf caught moving will blow your kids' minds



Christmas is just days away, and if your children are expressing any doubt about the true powers of the Elf on the Shelf or if their dazzling behavior is starting to slip amid the anticipation of Santa's arrival, fear not. If the so-called myth needs some reinforcing in your house, just show the kids the above videos.

Some parents go to great lengths to capture 'proof' that the elves really do move while their kids are asleep or otherwise not looking. We've combed YouTube to find the best of the best videos that are kid-tested and approved. All of the airtight evidence you'll need to close the case once and for all is at your fingertips above. Show your kids, share the link on Facebook and get the word out for whomever may be in need of some reinforcing this season.

And if you just need some amusement before the holidays, click through and watch. There's security camera video, night vision footage and, to top it off, a clip of one elf dancing along to a 'Gangnam Style' video.

Some of the videos are surprisingly well-produced, all are entertaining, several have racked up huge numbers of views on YouTube -- and not one of them uses special effects of any kind (wink-wink). Big applause especially goes out to Jason McGhinnis, Carson Metzger, Snuffleupagusagus, and Arnaldo Lopez. Bravo, people.

Merry Christmas!

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