Pregnancy revealed through 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'

Pregnancy Revealed Through Night Before Christmas
Pregnancy Revealed Through Night Before Christmas

To surprise their parents and grandparents with their second pregnancy, parents had their first daughter, Amaya, present them with a "Twas the Night Before Christmas" inspired book that announced the news of her future sibling.

The proud father said via email, "After getting the story written, I printed five copies of the story and bound them together. We decided to deliver them to our parents and grandparents, who are shown in the video. The receivers of the gifts included my wife's parents Eulynn and Roger Williams, her brother Tyson Williams, my mother Tiffany Bright, my father and mother-in-law Mark and Atella Scott, my Grandmother Judy Bright, and my Grandparents Linda and Mel Taylor."

Each of the relatives read the book aloud, expecting nothing remarkable -- and certainly not a pregnancy announcement! Some family members cried, others cheered.

"We delivered the stories on the evening of December 16th, 2014," Amaya's father, who uploaded the video, explained. "When we brought the stories to their homes, we told them that our daughter Amaya had written them a very cute story in her preschool class and that I had copied the stories and printed them for each of the grandparents. We then had each of them read the story aloud so we could capture it on film. This was the compilation that was later pieced together."

He added, "None of them had any idea that we were pregnant with our second child. We have been trying for pregnancy since the beginning of the year, so this comes as a great relief to everyone, and a great moment of joy as well. This was the ultimate Christmas gift for our small family."

Everyone can agree that it was a wonderful gift ... and a merry Christmas.

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