Man fakes 'The Amazing Race' to propose to girlfriend

Man Fakes
Man Fakes

Talk about committing to an over-the-top proposal! Now all you have to do is commit to watching an eight-minute video to see just how hard one super romantic guy worked to pop the question. (Or go grab some tissues and then skip ahead to 7:40, though we recommend watching the whole story unfold.)

"Justin S., who at the moment lives in Phoenix, Arizona, has always wanted to propose under the Northern Lights," Justin wrote on YouTube. "... And after 7 years he was finally able to do it! After an incredible amount of planning, he was able to stage a fake "Amazing Race" for his girlfriend, who lives in Philadelphia, which covered 6 States, 2 countries and over 5000 miles."

In the video, Justin explains that he told Diana she was on the 'Online Edition' of the famous reality show as a cover to get her to Iceland. "I hired a camera man, rented the car they use on the show, found people on Craigslist, & set up tasks in 6 states from Deleware (sic) to Boston then on to Iceland."

The wildly elaborate plan paid off, as Justin's beloved said 'yes' beneath the gorgeous aurora borealis. Though it's tricky to hear the audio, Justin was saying, "Diana Bishop, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?"

Justin looked pretty calm and collected, but he told Fox10 that he was a nervous wreck. "Everything I wanted to say, nothing came out right. I just started talking, grabbed the wrong hand, and I just started crying like a baby."

Congrats to the happy world-travelers! We can't wait to see how you top this at your wedding.

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