Husband surprises wife with over-the-top vow renewal 10 years later

Romantic Father Surprises Wife by Asking Her to Marry Him Again
Romantic Father Surprises Wife by Asking Her to Marry Him Again

For his 10th wedding anniversary, Steven pulled out all the stops to show his wife Kelli just how much he loves her -- and when we say 'all the stops,' we really, really mean it.

Enlisting the help of a 75-piece marching band, an angelic choir and of course their friends, family and two cherished daughters, he asked Kelli to marry him all over again in an incredibly elaborate event at their home.

It took 10 months of planning, but Steven managed to pull off the incredible surprise seamlessly. It all started with a sign in the street, down the road from their home. "This isn't going viral, is it?!" Kelli laughed in a moment of foresight. Kelli's friend then blindfolded her and whisked her back to her house.

Once inside, she changed into something more fitting for the event -- and that's when the 'priceless' evening started.

"The night was everything I dreamed of and more," Steven said.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house that evening, and we bet that trend will continue for pretty much everyone who watches this. In the mood for a good cry? Fast forward to about 3:30, when Kelli's adorable daughters present her with a 'Will you marry me ... again?' sign.

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