Gold tooth dropped into Missouri donation kettle

Found in a Florida Salvation Army Kettle: Gold Teeth
Found in a Florida Salvation Army Kettle: Gold Teeth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Salvation Army spokesman says someone has dropped a gold tooth into a holiday collection kettle.

Spokesman Rick Carroll said Thursday that he's found diamond rings, silver bars and four-leaf clovers but has never heard of a tooth donation. He says the item could be worth $100 depending on the amount of gold it contains.

Kansas City's Red Kettle Campaign began Nov. 7 and is currently running about $50,000 behind where it was a year ago.

Carroll says he at first considered the donation to be gross, but now thinks it's a nice gesture. He worries that the donation might have been unintentional and he is temporarily hanging onto the tooth in case someone claims it.

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