Gold teeth are latest donation trend for Salvation Army

Found in a Florida Salvation Army Kettle: Gold Teeth
Found in a Florida Salvation Army Kettle: Gold Teeth


Salvation Army volunteers have seen some really unusual items dropped in their iconic red kettles this year.

There has been a widow's wedding ring worth $1,850 in Boston, a 7-lb. bar of silver valued a $1,600 in Syracuse, a kettle stuffed with $10,000 in crisp, new bills in Florida, and two gold South African coins worth $1,300 a piece also in Florida.

But, perhaps the most unusual items so far have been gold teeth. Salvation Army spokesmen in both Florida and Missouri have reported experiencing this odd trend. An anonymous person put four gold teeth in an Orlando kettle, while another donated a single gold tooth in Kansas City.

The value of the teeth is not yet known. Spokesman Rick Carroll told the AP he has never heard of a tooth donation, but it could fetch up to $100 depending on the amount of gold it contains.

Carroll went on to say that at first he considered the donation to be gross, but now thinks it's a nice gesture. The charity isn't cashing in on the teeth yet, just in case it was a mistake and the owners want them back.

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