California students duct tape their principal to a wall for charity

California Students Duct Tape Their Principal to a Wall

APTOS, Calif. - Rio Del Mar Elementary School students in Aptos raised money for Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County with some sticky fun on Wednesday.

In exchange for a $1 donation, students, parents and faculty members were given 1 foot of pink, yellow, gray, and black Duct Tape to wrap around Principal Deborah Dorney.

Principal duct taped to wall for charity
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California students duct tape their principal to a wall for charity

Eventually, Dorney was covered in so much duct tape, she was suspended half way up a wall.

KSBW interviewed Dorney while she was attached to the wall.

"I feel a little stuck up," she said with a laugh. "It's fun. The most exciting part about this is watching the children's eyes and seeing how excited they are. And knowing they are contributing to other hungry children."

The fundraising campaign, called Stick It To Hunger, helped feed struggling local families. Students filled nine barrels with food and donated a total of $950 to Second Harvest Food Bank. With $950, the nonprofit can buy 3,800 meals.

But what happened to Principal Dorney?

Parent Karrie Franks said, "After taping for 1.5 hours, Mrs. Dorney was left hanging for about 15 minutes before gravity kicked in."

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