​Better balance could mean lower risk of stroke

Better Balance Could Mean Lower Risk of Stroke
Better Balance Could Mean Lower Risk of Stroke

Standing on one leg – it might just seem like a simple test of balance. But according to research out of Japan, the inability to keep your balance could be a grim indicator of health.

"Japanese researchers looked at MRIs of about 1,400 seniors. They found those struggled to balance on one leg for at lease 20 seconds were more likely to have blood vessel damage in their brain," explained KELO.

"That in turn can raise the risk for stroke. People who could not preform this balancing act were also more likely to have lower cognitive scores," added WPTV.

The Telegraph notes during the study, the participants were asked to perform the balancing act twice. The better of the two tests was kept for research.

So what if you can't keep your balance? HealthDay talked to the study's lead author who said it's a sign it's time to see a doctor.

"Individuals showing instability while standing on one leg, as well as problems walking, should receive increased attention, as this physical frailty may signal potential brain abnormalities and mental decline."

Previous studies have shown loss of motor skills can be indicative of brain damage.

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