Teacher fired after putting two students in trunk

Teacher Fired After Putting Two Students in Trunk
Teacher Fired After Putting Two Students in Trunk

Heather Cagle, a middle school teacher in Oklahoma, tried to take 11 students on a snack run. She put two students in the trunk of her car and Wednesday night was fired for what the teacher herself called "a terrible mistake."

Heather Cagle's supporters say she's an exemplary middle school teacher and varsity cheer coach.

"But you've done something deliberately," a Catoosa school board member told her.

Now the Oklahoma teacher is out of a job after school board members voted to fire her.

The grandmother of a 12-year-old who Cagle admits putting in the trunk of her car to make a quick run to the local Wal-Mart was outraged.

"I would go to jail. They'd have DHS at my house!" she told KJRH.

Back in October, Cagle says she wanted to take 11 students on a snack run. She couldn't comfortably fit them all in her Honda Accord, so she had two ride in the trunk. She's since called the decision a "terrible mistake."

"What if on that way to Wal-Mart the trunk had been hit? Those children could have died!" that same grandmother said.

For the family members of some of those students, Cagle's tearful apology wasn't enough.

It wasn't enough for the school board members either, who voted 4-1 to fire her. She was, however, still listed as a teacher Thursday morning on the website of Catoosa Public Schools, where she had taught for almost 10 years.

On Twitter, some students -- including some of the cheerleaders Cagle coached -- vowed their support.

Cagle's attorney told KJRH the firing will likely make it hard for the former teacher to find work in the near future.

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