Student raises $50,000 for kind homeless man

College Student Goes Above And Beyond For Homeless Man
College Student Goes Above And Beyond For Homeless Man

A British college student is going above and beyond to help a homeless man who offered her everything he had when she was in need.

On December 4th, 22-year-old Dominique Harrison-Bentzen lost her bank card in the early hours of the morning and had no way of getting home. A homeless man named Robbie approached her and offered her about five dollars, all the money he had, so she could take a cab home. She didn't take his money, but was so touched by the gesture she took to the streets of preston and launched a Go Get Funding campaign to raise money for the homeless man on his behalf.

After she found her way home, Dominique set out to find the identity of the good samaritan. She says that along the way she heard other stories about the kind homeless man; stories where he offered his scarf to those who were cold, or returned lost wallets with their contents untouched.

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She writes on her crowdsourcing page, "I was lucky enough to find him again and his name is Robbie, he has been homeless for 7 months through no fault of his own and needs to get back on his feet but cannot get work due to having no address."

On Tuesday, Dominique and a group of friends spent a night on the streets panhandling not only to make money for Robbie, but to also see what he experiences day to day. At this point she's raised more than 50,000 U.S. dollars, and hope to raise another $12,000.

Because of her kind efforts, Robbie is now sleeping with a roof over his head, but his kind nature still manages to shine through. He's asked Dominique to donate excess funds to soup kitchens and food banks to help others who are in similar situations.

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